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The school of creativity and confidence has a range of established workshops:





In addition, Justus Neumann can develop SPECIALISED WORKSHOPS and

PRIVATE, ONE-ON-ONE TUITION tailored to the needs of specific participants and groups.




"I am normally a shy, rather introverted person and this workshop certainly pushed me out of my "safety zone" -- forwards, backwards, side to side. But it created the magical feeling of being totally clear and aware of every little thing -- thoughts, movements and words. It was a challenge, but I'm glad I did it. A wonderful feeling to be wide awake."


"The workshop with Justus was amazing. What a great teacher he is! Even though the group was made up of people who all came from completely different backgrounds (from professional actor to massage therapist and artist) all the exercises were challenging and interesting for everyone. At the end of the two days we had effortlessly improvised scenes and stories with each other, stripped ourselves from our "acting" ideas and were able to get closer to our "neutral" self (which is so so hard to find). And this is a workshop that is never over. I could do it again and again, and every time I'd get closer to that point of being in touch with the creativity we are all trying to get to in life."



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