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Alzheimer Symphony

During a performance of Shakespeare’s King Lear, a renowned elderly actor forgets his lines. This is the beginning of his journey into the long twilight that is Alzheimer’s. As his memory fades, occurrences that would once have been shocking – such as finding a sock in his soup – are no longer questioned. Although valiantly fighting, he succumbs to his fate and as thought slips away, feelings grow stronger and his inner child is revived.



Best Professional Direction

Hans Peter Horner for Alzheimer Symphony

Best Professional Original Work
Justus Neumann for Alzheimer Symphony

Best Professional Writing
Justus Neumann & Hans Peter Horner for Alzheimer Symphony

Best Professional Performance (Male)
Justus Neumann for Alzheimer Symphony

Special Judges Award Professional
Julius Schwing for Original Composition, Alzheimer Symphony


Water - A Poem

A clown wearing a black suit and hat rides his bike along a gravel road by the sea.  He is sick. Heavily congested by society’s manipulative and destructive thinking patterns.  He is not alone. He is burdened by the extra weight of his “other”, his alter ego, whose sole purpose is to make the Clown’s journey of life a tormented and sorrowful one.  In deep despair, battered and beaten by the toxic force behind him the clown’s fortune suddenly changes when he reconnects with his inner child. From here he can either step bravely into the unknown or return to the conformity of our pain stricken society.

Directed by Justus Neumann and Andrew Del Vecchio      
Written by Justus Neumann
Produced by Dominique Hurley
Director or Photography: Simon Gray
9.56 minutes (Click on image to watch via Wide Angle Tasmania website)

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"…a poetic and infinitely inventive meditation on the final stages of aging. It is also a masterful piece of theatre making.""

Michael McLaughlin, The Mercury

“Justus Neumann is an artist of the highest order. His work is regarded as one of the most important elements in the theatrical landscape of Vienna in the last few decades. His investigation into the “black clown” as performer, director and theatre maker has enabled Justus to develop and transform his work across different genres and diverse continents. Justus’ connection with Australia is an important one. He brings a unique approach to the theatre that enriches the cultural landscape and the audiences that he performs to.”
Barrie Kosky, Artistic Director, Schauspielhaus Vienna, Austria


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