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Recapture and revisit neglected playfulness.  Seminars and workshops can be taken as a family, bringing more understanding, acceptance and respect for each other as well as generating playfulness in relationship dynamics. Building a constructive bridge between generations can lead to more self worth and make young people more aware of their place in our society.  Discussions on fear of failure, shame and shyness can also be useful.


Do you want to walk into an office with open eyes and high self esteem? Do you need to give a speech in front of people? Do you want to express your concerns and your appreciations in a positive, delightful and humorous way? Learn how to deal with problems, without offending.  Different approaches can gain more acceptance from your colleagues.  A journey that questions conformity and supports the construction of a more harmonious existence.


Dealing with aging and the fear of disease, loneliness and worthlessness are obstacles for many people.  .Through  discussions and spontaneous games we may be able to turn your painful thoughts around into a more delightful way to cope with old age. You will be remembered for your playfulness and that makes a huge difference to your every day life.  Our exercises will occupy and freshen your mind. Living in the moment, leaving the past behind and not fearing the future can be liberating.


Acting is often misunderstood as an act of pretence, that needs a lot of schooling, training and hard work to develop. Acting is actually very easy, if you consider it as not all that different from your every day life.  All you have to learn is how to be yourself. Drawing from your behaviours, feelings, rituals, thinking and experiences, without faking any of it. To be able to tap freely into the huge diversity and reservoir of your personality, and use it with no fear, lays the foundation for a good actor.



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