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Justus Neumann's school includes two major approaches.


  • Finding, in conversations, the obstacles preventing us from being creative and confident and enjoying independence from destructive attitudes

  • Exercises and games teaching us the quality of living in the moment, leaving fears and inhibitions behind you


Some themes that are covered in discussion include:  Solving problems and recognising the value of problems; Individual stories, dreams and unexplainable experiences; What makes us sick, healing suggestions; The incredible power of the mind; Dangers of conformity; The rational and the irrational; Towards a meaningful life; Our connection with nature; Embracing fear with confidence; The power of now; Truthful observation of oneself; Letting it go; Living in  the moment; Reading the signs we receive everyday from our compatriots and our environment.


As well as discussing the above we do a number practical exercises working with breathing and relaxation, visualization and a range of theatre based training techniques for the body and mind.

No matter who you are, which part of society you belong to, which calling you are following, or which age you might be, we can try to remove the obstacles to your creativity and confidence.


For too many people, our quality of life has changed into a quantity of life and despite the fact that we are all trying hard, we may struggle to feel relaxed, content and balanced in a way that gives our life purpose and meaning.


Our rational thinking is all we are made to care about. Yet our irrational sides (our feelings, dreams, fantasies, creativity, our pleasurable observation, connection with nature and our own body) are almost forgotten.


Disease and fear can be a result of that friction - between the reality of our lives and the unfulfilled real needs of our human nature. 


Pressures from society can create a lack of self esteem and worthiness, resulting in depression and addictions.  We abandon our personal identity and our passions and become disempowered, conforming to what can seem a meaningless existence.


Many of us are aware of this situation and would like to find a way out of this dilemma - to have freer and more joyful experiences.


Maybe our workshops can help.


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