Hanspeter Horner

Hanspeter Horner was born in Zurich, 1956. He discovered already at an very early stage his passion for the Circus environment, and became an admirer of world famous Clown Dimitri.

30 years later they became friends and Hanspeter directed a number of shows with Dimitris stepdaughter Silvana Gargiulo in major roles. He also directed Ueli Bichsel an internationally acclaimed Swiss Clown and won with the production “EXIT” the grand price of Kanton Zuerich.

After completing an apprenticeship in printing he studies Clown at the most prestigious Clown school in Paris at Jaques Lecoq, sponsored by the city of Zuerich. There he also gets a deep understanding of Vaudeville and Popular Theatre.

Soon as young uprising very successful director in Vienna 1987 he meets Justus Neumann ,

Hanspeter also worked as director with Isabelle Karajan, daughter of late conductor Herbert von Karajan on a show called “Henir”, devised in improvisation. Translated into french and outstanding success in Paris.

1994 Hanspeter gets a teaching assignment at the Art University in Graz (Austria) Part of his lectures include research of the absurd and the clownishness in literature, paintings and performing arts.

In Vienna 2006 he co directs in one of Viennas most acclaimed Theatres a Ferdinand Raimund play with which he sets new standards in this genre of Folk Theatre.


2014 he directs “Der Brantner Kaspar “ in Brueneck in South Tirol where he combines professional actors with amateur actors.

He is extremely competent in teaching and handling amateur actors and gives Clown workshops in India, Thailand and Europe.

Hanspeter Horner is a full time director and teacher in Austria

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