Justus Neumann

a lifetime of creativity and confidence


  • 1975 – 1987: Justus was a leading member of the prestigious Vienna Schauspielhaus Ensemble in which he performed major roles in plays as diverse as Elisabeth I (Philip the II), King Lear (King Lear), The Hostage (Pat), and many more. Justus also played leading parts in film and television, as well as directing a variety of film & theatre projects. He founded his own company, Narnkastl (Foolsbox) in 1980 and performed in all of its productions, including Kill Hamlet that toured Switzerland, Germany, Yugoslavia, France, Norway in 1982, USA in 1985, and Australia in 1986. Justus won the prize for Best Actor of the Year in the City of Vienna for two successive years: 1984 for First Love & 1985 for The Love Council.


  • 1987: Justus migrated to Australia and settled on Bruny Island in Tasmania.


  • 1988: Justus established Southern Most Cultural Affairs (S.M.C.A.)


  • 1992: Fats Waller’s Life…Death on the Santa Fe Express – Vienna, Austria


  • 1994: S.M.C.A. presented Circus Bruny, on Bruny Island, Australia, involving 72 members of the community


  • 1995 + 96:  The Last Days of Mankind – Vienna, Austria and Theatreworks, St Kilda, Australia


  • 1997:  Don Quixote – Vienna, Austria


  • 1999: Dramatisation of the Bible & Don Quixote – Vienna, Austria


  • 2000: BrunyIsland Variety Show – Australia                                                                                                


  • 2001: Circus Boomerang, An Australian Family Circus in Vienna & Don Quixote & Justus Neumann Kills Himself With The Ironing Board – Vienna, Austria


  • 2002 + 03: Theatersports and Spontaneous Theatre, Hobart – Australia


  • 2004: The Last Days of Mankind – presented with the generous support of the Salamanca Arts Centre, Tasmania, and The Melbourne Fringe Festival 2004, Winner of Best Actor of the festival


  • 2005: Justus develops “School of Fantasy” in which he teaches: actors, clowns, children, teachers and parents old and sick people how to regain and discover their own fantasy and creativity – Vienna and Hobart


  • 2005: Circus Elysium receives funding from the Australia Council for the Arts and Arts Tasmania to produce new work starring Justus’s black clown – the Hobo.


  • 2006: Circus Elysium is selected to be in the “Spotlight” of the Australian Performing Arts Market in Adelaide. Circus Elysium performs The Last Days of Mankind as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival. School of Fantasie in Vienna.


  • 2007: “Catapult” Circus Elysium Hobart and Vienna


  • 2008:  “Catapult” Linz and Puerbach.(Austria) Assitej prize; best play for kids in Austria for 2007. First of six TV films in Austria “der Taeter”


  • 2009: “Water, a poem”.  Short film (script, directing, acting)


  • 2010: The Nibelungs…on their way to Europe


  • 2011: The Nibelungs, second season in Austria, nominated for the most prestigious Nestroy prize in Vienna


  • 2012  In preparation of “Altzheimer Symphony”, to be toured through Austria in 2013


  • 2013: Alzheimer Symphony toured in Vienna , Hoftheatre,and Steudltenn in Tirol


  • 2014: Rehearsing “Haeuptling Abendwind “for Vienna


  • 2014: Successful showcases of the English version of “Alzheimer Symphony”


  • 2014: Preparing “School of Creativity and Confidence” starting in November


  • 2015: (March) 10 Days on the Island (Tasmanian Festival) touring Tasmania and season



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